2018 Calendar

2018 Life is BetterWith a Bolo (2)


The American Bolognese Club will produce its Second Annual “Life is Better with a Bolo” Calendar! Just enter your favorite photo of your Bolognese for FREE to win one of 10 coveted spots (i.e., top 10 photos will be featured in full pages; remaining entries will be placed in full page collages) in the 2018 Life is Better with a Bolo Calendar Contest.

Take a look at the winners!

Top 3

Top 10



The photos entered into the contest are below:

Calendar Entries




The first place winner will receive a 10 x 15 canvas print of the winning photo similar to the one shown below. The second place winner will receive a customized throw pillow cover similar to the one below.  Third place winner will receive an 8 x 10 canvas print of the winning photo.

Contest Prizes



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