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Founded in 2010 by reputable breeders and Bolognese enthusiasts

About the bolognese breed


Healthy Bolognese Puppy

The Bolognese is, as a whole, a very healthy breed.  Conscientious breeders of the Bolognese are taking preventative measures to insure good health in the Bolognese for the future generations.  The American Bolognese Club encourages its breeder members to practice routine health screening of their breeding pairs and the offspring puppies. 


History of Bolognese Dog

The Bolognese is a Rare Breed Dog whose origins are shrouded in antiquity. The Bolognese has been making the lives of people happier and more complete for over 2000 years. This enchanting breed has timeless appeal. They may not roam the homes of Kings anymore, but they do bless each castle they romp in. 



The ABC accepts and recognizes the FCI Standard of the Bolognese from its country of origin, Italy, and has adopted that standard to promote in the USA. 


Characteristics of Bolognese Dog

Characteristics of the Bolognese include: playful, easygoing, earnest, willing, intelligent and loyal. They are very calm and generally not very high energy. They can be somewhat reserved and shy, but warm to strangers quickly if they have been properly socialized.