About maggie owen bolognese dog

The American Bolognese Club is proud to announce our reigning Ambassador of Goodwill, Miss Maggie Owen.

Maggie assumed her role in April of this year, and will reign for the next 12 months. During her reign, Maggie will be representing the Bolognese Breed and the ABC wherever she goes. Known for their beauty, eagerness to please and study build, Miss Maggie will show the country that Bolognese are not only beautiful, little dogs,  but athletes as well!  Maggie and her sister, Kami, are the ABC’s official agility dogs.  Under the guidance of their coach and mother, Patsy Owen, these girls show us how it’s done!

Maggie has received several awards including the following AKC Titles:

Canine Good Citizen (CGC),  Novice Agility Jumper (NAJ),   Open Agility Jumper (OAJ), Novice Agility (NA),  Open Agility (OA),  Excellent Agility (AX), Trick Dog Novice (TKN), Trick Dog Intermediate (TKI), Trick Dog Advanced (TKA), Trick Dog Performer (TKP), Achiever Dog Certificate. 

When not representing the Bolognese breed and the ABC, Maggie can be found training in her backyard at her home in Tennessee, which she shares with her sister, Kamia, and her parents, Patsy and Kelton Owen ABC Bolognese Ambassador


About Pebbles Olson

The American Bolognese Club’s first ever Ambassador was Princess Pebbles. She reigned from April 2017 through March 2018.  While serving as our Goodwill Ambassador, Pebbles spread her joy of life and Bolo cuteness throughout the country. She was accompanied by her parents, Alice and Carl Olsen as she traveled in her RV from town to town.

Pebbles was often dressed in her official Ambassador gear when she greeted her adoring public, while spreading the word about the Bolognese breed.  People across the USA fell in love with Princess Pebbles. While her reign is officially over, Pebbles continues to be a proud representative of the Bolognese Breed and the American Bolognese Club. She has retired to country life in Texas.