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Founded in 2010 by reputable breeders and Bolognese enthusiasts




About the American Bolognese Club

The American Bolognese Club is a non-profit 501 (c)(4) Corporation.


The ABC was founded by a number of experienced reputable breeders and proactive Bolognese enthusiasts from across the USA.


We are on our way to a fully functioning club designed to preserve and protect the history and health of this exquisite breed!  We do not sell Bolognese as a club, but we have several affiliated Bolognese Breeders that you can contact directly here.


The club’s objective is to unite the Bolognese community; promote communication and interaction between breeders and those who love their Bolognese as their special companions; maintain and preserve the precious ancestral records of the Bolognese in this country since 1987, maintain the current registry, and promote quality breeding of the purebred Bolognese.

Breed Standard:

The ABC accepts and recognizes the FCI Standard of the Bolognese from its country of origin, Italy, and has adopted that standard to promote in the USA.

More info:

It is our ABC Membership, comprised of those who are dedicated to the breed, which makes the ABC a viable and influential club in the promotion of the Bolognese Breed.  A club is only as strong as its members.  Everyone has an important part to play.  ABC welcomes ALL who love the Bolognese, and encourage you to join the Club, and become active.

E-newsletter, applications for registration and membership:

Members may contribute to the quarterly newsletter which will be sent out via email to each member.

User friendly:

We have endeavored to make this web site as user friendly as possible, and to supply all forms for you to become a member, and to register your Bolognese in the ABC registry.  Our Officers and Board of Directors are always available to answer questions. You can find those contact emails and phone numbers at this site.


The Board of Directors of the ABC

ABC Officers

President: Marsha England

Secretary: Terri McDonald 

Registrar/Treasurer: Darice Barnes

Adoption, Rescue, and Re-Homing: Joyce Eisert

All officers can be reached at or you may leave a message at 573-207-5107.

ABC Bylaws


ABC Constitution


ABC Code of Ethics