ABC Code of Ethics

I feel that the welfare of the breed in general and my Bolognese, in particular, comes before any other consideration to do with my interest in the Bolognese. Because I believe in this principal, as a member in the American Bolognese Club, I agree to the Code of Ethics as set forth below:

 1.      BREEDING

  • Breed only from pure stock that is physically and mentally sound;
  • Breed carefully, ALWAYS to improve the breed;
  • Use all available means to determine whether the stock retained or sold for breeding is free of genetic disease or disqualifying faults;
  • Never repeat a breeding that has produced a serious genetic defect in the offspring.

2.       SALES

  • Intelligently and honestly classify stock as show / breed prospects or companion prospects.  If in doubt, seek help from a veterinarian or qualified breeder to classify the litter.
  • When a breeder registers a litter, the club sends the breeder individual “dog registration(s)” for each puppy.  Each individual “dog registration” (registration for each individual puppy) is to be filed with the club by the breeder if the breeder is registering the individual puppy or will be given to the new owner for the new owner to file with the club and register the puppy.  Each new owner is encouraged to register the individual puppy.
  • No papers are to be withheld from the buyer.
  • Each registration paper must clearly be marked and signed where required by the litter owner/breeder.  Each fault which classifies the puppy as a non-breeding companion must be listed.  It is absolutely necessary for the registrar to have this classification for the registry in order to protect the breed.
  • Avoid false and misleading advertising;
  • Supply records for the buyer regarding immunization(s), worming, and future feeding and care instructions.
  • Never participate in any type of raffle or game of chance that gives a live pet as the winning prize;
  • Never place on consignment or sell to a pet shop or to any commercial kennel that sells to pet shops.
  • Transfer or sales of dog(s) already registered: follow club procedure and sign and transfer registration documents to new owner.


  • Never exhibit a Bolognese which has been changed in appearance by artificial means, except for the removal of the dewclaws.
  • Show my Bolognese if, and where possible and encourage the showing of high quality stock.
  • Exhibit only the most credible ring deportment(s) and if profession handlers are permitted and if you choose to use the same, accept the services only of those professional handlers whose behavior is exemplary.
  • Be willing at all times to help novice exhibitors and breeders.  Always use kind and constructive criticism.


  • Never discuss in a derogatory manner another club member or their Bolognese with any other member, or prospective buyer.
  • The procedure for a valid complaint is to submit the same to the Club Officers or the Board of Directors.